Donnerstag, 1.2. – Samstag, 3.2.2024

A Matter of Feeling? Recent Perspectives in the Study of Emotions

International Conference

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Day 1: Thursday, Feb. 1
Day 2: Friday, Feb. 2
Day 3: Saturday, Feb. 3


Conception: Rüdiger Zill, Potsdam
with Rob Boddice, Tampere; Fritz Breithaupt, Bloomington; Josef Früchtl, Amsterdam; Valentin Groebner, Luzern; David Konstan, New York; Eva Menasse, Berlin; Glenn Most, Pisa/Chicago; Catherine Newmark, Berlin; Barbara Rosenwein, Chicago; Christian von Scheve, Berlin; Philipp Stoellger, Heidelberg; Christiane Voss, Weimar; Tiffany Watt Smith, London

Twenty years ago, when we started our series Passions in Cultures, emotions were at best one topic among many for researchers. Today it is ubiquitous in academia, having received increasing amounts of attention in both the sciences and the humanities. What is the current state of research on the theory of emotions? Can we identify key developments, discoveries, and syntheses that have emerged in the last two decades? Are there feelings that have received special attention? Did the methods used for studying the history and theory of emotions change? Has the field borne out the expectation that it is particularly well-suited for – or in need of – interdisciplinary approaches? Are there specific studies considered paradigmatic? Did the kinds of questions raised over the years change? Have recent developments in politics and society influenced the subjects that researchers have chosen to pursue? Are there signs that researchers are becoming exhausted with the subject? Which questions need considering now?


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