Morality and Politics

From opposing the First World War to supporting victims of McCarthyism, Albert Einstein never shied from principled stances, even when they put him at odds with prevailing opinion. The Einstein Forum is committed to following Einstein’s example by regularly holding discussions about the most pressing moral and political questions of our day.


Related events:
After 50 Years of German-Israeli Diplomacy: New Directions (2016)
Why Do We Believe in Self-Interest (2013)
On Trust (2011)
IM “Vorwurf” [“To stand accused of informal collaboration with the Stasi”] (2011; co-organized with Ulrike Poppe)
The Hidden: Cultural and Political Implications of Secrecy (2008)
Victims and Losers (2006)
Terror, International Law, and the Boundaries of Democracy (2004; co-organized with Jan Philipp Reemtsma and Michael Walzer)
Constitution and Confessions: The Politics of Religion (2004; co-organized with Martha Nussbaum)
The American Voices series (2005–2007), including talks by Russell Banks, Barbara Ehrenreich, Thomas Frank, Yolanda King, Samantha Power, and Cornel West
Single lectures by Hans Blix, Tony Judt, Navid Kermani, Sari Nusseibeh, Tariq Ramadan, Jeremy Scahill, and Gesine Schwan.


Selected publications:
Martin Schaad, Die fabelhaften Bekenntnisse des Genossen Alfred Kurella (2014)
Susan Neiman, Moral Clarity (2008; translations in German, Dutch, and Turkish)
Susan Neiman, Fremde sehen anders (2005)