Saturday, Dec 17, 2016, 12 PM

Siegfried Saerberg

Sociologist and Publicist, Wiehl

Nachtwanderungen in den lichten Landen: Eine blinde Ethnographie alltäglichen Sehens

Call this talk an expedition, an anthropology from another star that explores everyday life in the land of the light. It seeks to uncover the darkness in consciousness that brings with it other ways of seeing and breaks the self-evidence of light and questions the purported hopelessness of night. By shedding light on the follies of understanding and the wisdom of blindness, Saerberg interrogates the conditions of the possibility of the land of light in search of literal and figurative dark regions, where sight is senseless and blindness receives justice, where lemons bloom and one can hear the grass grow.

Siegfried Saerberg studied sociology, philosophy, political science, history, law, and ethnology in Cologne, Constance, and Dortmund. In addition to his work as a university lecturer, he is a curator, a sound artist, a writer, a reciter, and an artistic director of many cultural projects, including the Art Blind exhibition for the Blinde und Kunst Association (2013), the cultural project Inklu:city for the IBK in Remscheidt (2016), and education consulting for the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.

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