Sonntag, 14.6.2009, 12h

Annalise Acorn

Professor of Law, Edmonton

Epic Lives and Ardent Souls. Observations on the Emotions of Hero Worship

Annalise Acorn is Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her main research interest is the emotions of conflict and justice. She has published numerous articles in journals such as The Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Valparaiso Law Review, and the UCLA Women’s Law Journal. Between 1998 and 1999 she was President of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers. In the same year she was a McCalla Research Professor. In 2000 Annalise Acorn was Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan Law School. Recent publications include: “Besieged by Beneficence: Love Justice and the Autonomous Self”, in: Saskatchewan Law Review (2000); Compulsory Compassion: A Critique of Restorative Justice (2004); “Surviving the Battered Reader’s Syndrome or a Critique of Linda Mills’ Insult to Injury” in: UCLA Women’s Law Journal (2005) and “Eine verbogene Meßlatte. Über Mitleid in der Rechtsprechung” in: Berliner Debatte Initial (2006).

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