Donnerstag, 14.6.2018, 14:30h

Eva Illouz


Emotional Truth

Can we know the truth of our emotions, and does the very notion of truth even apply to the emotional realm? This paper does not provide an answer to these questions but rather ponders the difficulties in answering them.

Eva Illouz is Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has also taught at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris and at Princeton University. Her books include Consuming the Romantic Utopia: Love and the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1997); Cold Intimacies: The Making of Emotional Capitalism (2007); Saving the Modern Soul. Therapy, Emotions, and the Culture of Self-Help (2008); Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation (2012) and Hard-Core Romance – “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Best-Sellers, and Society (2014). A selection of her critical interventions in Haaretz has been published in German, entitled Israel. Soziologische Essays (2015).

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