Thursday, Jul 4 – Saturday, Jul 6, 2019

Believe It or Not. Crises of Credibility

Two alarming trends have left us in crisis: a decline in credibility and an increase in credulity. Traditional touchstones of credibility—empirical evidence, verifiability, historical awareness, reason itself—seem to have lost authority in a world where they no longer matter to many of those in power. At the same time, those who distrust expert knowledge turn to conspiracy theories, fake news, and unfounded claims that reject every attempt at confirmation. How did we arrive at this morass of skepticism and gullibility? How can we think our way out of it?

Conceived by Susan Neiman, Potsdam
with Eliot Borenstein, New York; Michael Butter, Tübingen; Antonio Casilli, Paris; Juliet Floyd, Boston; Peter Galison, Cambridge/Mass.; Konstanty Gebert, Warsaw; Carey Harrison, New York; Diana Pinto, Paris; Franziska Schreiber, Dresden; Barbara Spellman, Charlottesville; Olaf Steenfadt, Paris; Cristobal Young, Ithaca

The event will be held in English