Freitag, 6.6.2014, 17h

Martin Bruder, Greta Wagner

Saints in Science?

Gesprächsleitung: Nora Hangel

This session on the scientific community will reflect the relation between integrity and misbehaviour, on the one hand, and sanity and madness, on the other. We will consider exemplars or prototypes of actors in academia such as the luminary, the whistleblower, the career zombie, the altruist and the saint. Can integrity, considered as a quality of the person, act as a means of developing a stable and resilient self-image and of achieving self-respect?

Greta Wagner is Researcher in the Social Science Department at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.


Martin Bruder is Researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Konstanz.

Nora Hangel is Researcher at the Centre of Excellence “Cultural Foundations of Integration” at the University of Konstanz.

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