Freitag, 22.1.2016, 14:00h
Filmhaus am Potsdamer Platz, Potsdamer Str. 2, Berlin‐Tiergarten

Harald Hamrell


Real Humans, Real Robots?

Kommentar von Janina Sombetzki

Moderation: Kristina Jaspers

Harald Hamrell, conceptual director of the series REAL HUMANS, presents the ideas of how to create a world of a parallel universe, both distant and at the same time with a feeling of here and now. The robots, so called “hubots” had to be played by real actors. One of the central issues is the process of how to play a hubot that the audience could believe is a real robot, but still becomes a character that a human could fall in love with.

Harald Hamrell is director of a number of mini TV series and feature films in Sweden. Already in his early teens he was making short films, and was also a child star, acting in film and television. Among the awards he won is the Prix Italia 2013 for ÄKTA MÄNNISKOR (REAL HUMANS), of which he was the conceptual director for both season one and two. Apart from that he has directed films in many genres: thrillers like Arne Dahl’s MISTERIOSO, nominated for the British Dagger Award 2013, children’s movies like EN HÄXA I FAMILJEN, (A WITCH IN THE FAMILY), or the love story VINTERVIKEN (WINTER BAY), for which he was nominated a Guldbagge (a Swedish Oscar) for best script. He has also directed a number of TV movies in the hugely successful BECK series and was nominated for an international Emmy in New York 2003 for the mini‐series RAMONA.

Vortrag, Freitag, 22.1., 14.00 (Sektion 2: Robotik und Künstliche Intelligenz)

Harald Hamrell