Samstag, 6.7.2024, 18:00h

Christian Dawid, Daniel Kahn, Stella Morgenstern

Lord of the Air
A musical play based on Daniel Kehlmann’s Tyll

Roguish texts in German and English composed by the troubadours Daniel Kahn and Stella Morgenstern, catchy tunes by the multi-instrumentalist Christian Dawid, and whimsical drawings by Jerry Merose come together to form an epic ballad inspired by Kehlmann’s masterpiece on the Thirty Years’ War. The play tells the story of the poor miller Claus whose thirst for knowledge and nonconformity leads to his tragic demise.
This advance showing of the play will feature several songs sung by Daniel Kahn. The premiere will take place in September in the orangery of Potsdam’s Neuer Garten park as part of the Einstein Forum’s Illuminations celebration.