Donnerstag, 29.1.2015, 20h
Foyer des Nikolaisaals, Wilhelm-Staab-Str. 11, 14467 Potsdam

KAPmodern Ensemble

Hören Sie das?!

Children believe that they can hear the sea in a shell. Adults know better, but they are not quite ready to give up the belief. John Cage’s Inlets revives this seemingly lost magic, eliciting unexpected sounds from the interiors of large conches. In addition to seashells, this concert features thunder sheets and megaphones, which challenge the sounds typically associated with classical music. In this eclectic lineup, Moto perpetuo for solo timpani would seem almost pedestrian — were it not written by a composer as exceptional as Elliott Carter.

Concert Program:
Simon Steen-Andersen (*1976): On and Off and To and Fro
Abel Paúl (*1984): Wrong Answers to Robert B‘s Wrong Questions
John Cage (1912–1992): Inlets
Steve Reich (*1936): Clapping Music
Kaija Saariaho (*1952): Couleurs du vent
Elliott Carter (1908–2012): Moto perpetuo

Bettina Lange: flute, megaphone 1
Theo Nabicht: saxophone
Christoph Hampe: megaphone 2
Friedemann Werzlau: timpani, thunder sheet, vibraphone
Tobias Lampelzammer: double bass
Susanne Zapf: conductor
Robert Niemeyer: video, megaphone 3
Weitere Informationen: Kammerakademie Potsdam


Eintritt: 15/12 Euro


Eine Gemeinschaftsveranstaltung mit der Kammerakademie Potsdam