Freitag, 30.1.2015, 17:30h

Helmut Kopetzky

Hören ist Erinnern: Über die Ambivalenz des Sound

This talk presents some notes and observations from a radio professional. I consider the ambivalence of sound; examine how, through hearing, we recall and compare; discuss how acoustic reality is reconstructed in the studio; and parse differences in how we perceive optical and acoustic media. I conclude with some thoughts on writing with sounds.

Helmut Kopetzky has worked for radio since the 1970s, producing over 100 features and series. He has written television shows for children and adolescents, and he has created many programs for the ZDF series Das kleine Fernsehspiel. He also worked for four and a half years in the features department of Sender Freies Berlin. He is the author of Objektive Lügen — Subjektive Wahrheiten / Radio in der Ersten Person (2013).