Samstag, 13.6.2015, 16h

Diana Pinto

Growing Up under Different Skies

How does one grow up with conflicting national and cultural identities? When parents incarnate different values and when there is another home elsewhere that offers a different existential narrative? In our world of post-immigration blues and light-weight globalization, how does one anchor the self? And is it important to do so in order to grow up?

Diana Pinto is an intellectual historian and writer, educated in the United States (Harvard) and now living in Paris. As senior fellow at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research she has worked on the pan-European project “Voices for the Res Publica. The Common Good in Europe”. She also worked as a Consultant to the Political Directorate of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe for its civil society programmes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Pinto has been a Fulbright Fellow, and has received research grants from the American Council of Learned Societies and the Collegium Budapest. She has written widely on transatlantic issues and on Jewish life in contemporary Europe. Her autobiography Entre deux mondes (1991) is about her experiences living in Europe and the United States. Other book publications include: Contemporary Italian Sociology (1981) and most recently Israel Has Moved (2013).

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