Friday, Jan 31, 2014, 12:30 PM

Ehrhart Körting

Emotion und Gegenemotion – Strategien zur Steuerung störungsanfälliger Massenveranstaltungen

Be it a football match or a May Day party and revolutionary demonstration in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, the Shi’ite Al Quds Day march or a far-right rally: groups with competing objectives often clash with one another at mass events. The fundamental freedom of assembly and demonstration is sometimes difficult to reconcile with security concerns. In this presentation I will present legal and practical solutions to this problem.

Ehrhart Körting, born in Berlin in 1942, studied law in Berlin and Munich, where he was admitted to the Bar in 1969. He served as a research assistant at the Federal Administrative Court in 1970-72 and as an administrative court judge in 1972–75. In 1975–79 he was a municipal counselor for city planning, and in 1979–81 for education, in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg. He has had his own law practice since 1981, and in 1992–97 he was vice president of the Berlin state constitutional court.
In 1989–91 and again in 1999–2000 he was a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for the Social Democratic Party. In 1997–99 he was Justice Senator (the equivalent of a government minister/secretary of state), and in 2001–2011 Senator of the Interior in the Berlin state government.