Monday, Oct 21, 2013, 7 PM

Jeremy Scahill

Author and Journalist, New York

Dirty Wars. The World is a Battlefield

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Bernd Greiner, Hamburg

In his new book Jeremy Scahill shows how murder became a central instrument of U.S. security policy and describes its consequences for untold numbers of people as well as for the future of American democracy.
As part of his investigations Scahill conducted interviews with CIA agents, mercenaries, and U.S. special forces across the Middle East. He entered al-Qaeda-controlled territory in Yemen, met with CIA-sponsored warlords in Mogadishu, and spoke with civilian victims of drone strikes and attacks by U.S. commandos.
What he found was a new paradigm of American warfare: the deployment of forces that do not officially exist yet conduct undercover operations all over the world. He shows that these covert wars do not protect us from terrorism; they cause it to strengthen, and spread.

Jeremy Scahill works for The Nation and is a correspondent for the radio and television show Democracy Now! He has reported from the Yugoslav Wars, from Nigeria, and from Iraq. In addition to Dirty Wars he is author of the international bestseller Blackwater (2008).

Bernd Greiner is a historian and political scientist. He directs the research unit Theory and the History of Violence at the Hamburg Institute of Social Research. His most recent book is 9/11: Der Tag, die Angst, die Folgen (2011).

The event will be held in English