Freitag, 14.6.2013, 16h

Christian Scholz

Darwiportunism: Fairness between Darwinistic Companies and Opportunistic Employees

Does self-interest always lead to immoral behavior? If not, what are the alternatives? In approaching the question of self-interest, Christian Scholz proposes a blend of collective Darwinism and individual opportunism he calls Darwiportunism. The combination leads to four different psychological “contracts”, each based on a different theoretical and empirical foundation. Darwiportunism can help understand recent economic developments, both globally and within individual companies.

Christian Scholz studied at the University of Regensburg and at Harvard Business School. He is Professor of Business Administration at Saarland University and Director of its Europe Institute. Scholz is also Honorary Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Vienna. His research interests include organizational behavior, strategic and international human resource management, changes in the work environment, virtual organizations, and media management. His publications include Human Capital Management (2006), Personalmanagement (2000), Handbuch Medienmanagement (2006) as well as numerous articles in scholarly journals.

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