Freitag, 30.6.2023, 19:00h

Rokhaya Diallo


Centering the Margins

Amid multiple serious global challenges, some are asking for the first time whether the world as they know it will end. Yet that question reflects a very Eurocentric view of present-day global realities. It has been centuries since slavery and colonialism created irreversible turmoil and caused the collapse of entire realms. Since then, many populations have been thinking in upheaval. Their creativity should serve as inspiration for so-called western countries as they confront the challenges of today.

Rokhaya Diallo is a French journalist, writer, educator, and award-winning filmmaker widely recognized for her work in support of human rights. She is a contributing writer to the Washington Post, a researcher in residence for the Gender+Justice Initiative at Georgetown University (Washington, DC) and was a host for the BET channel (VIACOM/MTV group). In France, she teaches a class on cultural studies in Paris 1 – La Sorbonne, and is a commentator for leading radio and TV channels. Rokhaya Diallo has written over ten books and directed several documentaries. She has also created the pioneering podcast Kiffe ta race (Binge Audio) along with Grace Ly, a show dedicated to addressing racial issues that was ranked amongst the best Apple podcasts. In 2022, Rokhaya launched W.O.R.D., the first French public-speaking school dedicated to bringing a wider range of voices to the public sphere.

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