Wednesday, Dec 14, 2011, 7 PM

Irshad Manji

Director of the Moral Courage Project, New York University

Allah, Liberty, and Love

Gesprächsleitung: Amr Bargisi Kairo/Caputh

Irshad Manji is one of the world’s most vocal Muslim reformists. She believes that narrow interpretations of the Quran and ancient cultural customs are the hallmarks of even “moderates” in her faith today. Manji makes this point loudly and clearly in her new book, Allah, Liberty and Love, a guide for Muslims and Non-Muslims about how to advance freedom within Islam. A professor of moral courage at New York University and senior scholar with the European Foundation for Democracy, Manji will be in conversation with Einstein Forum fellow Amr Bargisi, co-founder of the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth. Among the questions to be discussed: What are the challenges facing a new generation of Muslims? Can multiculturalism be fixed? Why is there hope for reform when all we hear about is the rise of Islamism? This is an opportunity for truly honest dialogue, including audience questions. The evening will finish with a book-signing that features Allah, Liberty and Love.

Irshad Manji war Forschungsstipendiatin an der Yale University und leitet derzeit als Senior Fellow der European Foundation for Democracy das Moral Courage Project an der New York University. Zuletzt erschienen: Allah, Liberty, and Love (2011); The Trouble with Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call for Reform in Her Faith (2005); The Trouble With Islam: A Wake-up Call For Honesty and Change (2003). Auf Deutsch ist erschienen: Der Aufbruch. Plädoyer für einen aufgeklärten Islam (2003).

Amr Bargisi studierte Philosophie an der Ain-Shams-Universität in Kairo und ging anschließend mit einem Doktorandenstipendium an die Universität Chicago. Er lebt in Kairo und ist als Programmleiter der Ägyptischen Union der Liberalen Jugend politisch aktiv. Derzeit ist er Albert Einstein-Fellow des Einstein Forums und der Daimler und Benz Stiftung.

The event will be held in English