Samstag, 27.6.2015, 17h

Bettina Stangneth

Academic Evil, or Beyond Thoughtlessness

The author’s talk will be based on conclusions drawn from Eichmann Before Jerusalem.

Bettina Stangneth is an independent philosopher and journalist. She studied under Klaus Oehler and Wolfgang Bartuschat in Hamburg, earning her Ph.D. with a dissertation on Immanuel Kant’s concept of radical evil. She has written on the history of antisemitism in the eighteenth century, on the philosophy of the Nazis, and on the theory of the lie. Her book Eichmann vor Jerusalem received the 2011 NDR book prize for nonfiction and its English translation appeared on the The New York Times’ 100 Notable Books list for 2014. In 2012 she edited a volume of diary entries by Avner W. Less, a German-born Israeli police officer who interrogated Eichmann after his capture.

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