Friday, Dec 3 – Saturday, Dec 4, 2010

Talking Brains. Problems and Perspectives of the Neurosciences

Twenty years after the proclamation of the ‚Age of the Brain’ the we have arrived at an auspicious moment to take stock of its successes and failures, of promises kept and pledges dishonored. Moreover, we would also like to look ahead and speculate about the shape of the neuro sciences, say, twenty years from now.
Rather than engaging in polemic debates or mere rhetoric, we will offer a forum for open discussion about substantial issues of the neurosciences, e.g.: What has been, is, and will be the real impact of the neuro sciences on our concept of mind, on the personality of the individual as well as on our social, medical, political and legal systems? What are, and could be in the future, windfall profits for such disciplines like economics, psychology, or ethics? Will advances in the neuro sciences really lead to paradigm changes in the humanities, especially in philosophy, social history, or aesthetics?

Concept: Matthias Kroß, Potsdam
Participants: Cornelius Borck, Lübeck; Ray Dolan, London; Kai Fehse, München; Michael Hagner, Zürich; Ewa Hess und Hennric Jokeit, Zürich; Jürgen Kaube, Frankfurt a.M.; Laurence J. Kirmayer, Montreal; Kenan Malik, London; Raymond Tallis, London; Fernando Vidal, Berlin; Nikolas Rose, London; Angelica Staniloiu, Bielefeld

The event will be held in English