Johann Brandstetter, Isaac Newton under the Apple Tree, 2002
Donnerstag, 1.6. – Freitag, 2.6.2023

Serendipity. On Chance and Acuity of Thought

Conception: Martin Schaad, Potsdam
with Samantha Copeland, Delft; Silvia Davoli, Oxford; Anabel Quan-Haase, London, Ontario; Albrecht Schmidt, München; Stephen Scholte, Brighton

[ˌsɛ.rɛn.ˈdɪp.ə.ti] commonly refers to an unplanned fortunate discovery or to finding something when looking for something else, thanks to an observant mind. But is serendipity something that happens to people, or is it rather something people do? In other words: Is it a lucky accident or a developed skillset? Can we create conditions conducive to serendipitous moments to occur? And how does the digital environment impact the likelihood of chance finds?

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