Alternatives to Revenge
Justice, Identity, Revenge
Einsteinian Interlude
From the Shield of Achilles to the Hill of Mars
Just How Just is Aeschylus’ Justice?
Crime, Memory, and Justice
Unnatural Crimes and Artificial Justice
Cutting the Red Cord of Vengeance. The Oresteia and the Mahabharata
Can Furies Retire? Do Furies Die?

Donnerstag, 1.7. – Freitag, 2.7.2021

Justice or Revenge? Aeschylus for the 21st Century

Online Conference

with Lorraine Daston, Berlin; Wendy Doniger, Chicago; Konstanty Gebert, Warsaw; Carey Harrison, New York; Stephen Holmes, New York; Daniel Kehlmann, Berlin; Glenn Most, Florence; Susan Neiman, Potsdam; David Shulman, Jerusalem

Aeschylus’ The Eumenides, the final play in the Oresteia trilogy, has been described as the foundation stone of Western metropolitan civilization. It confronts the question: what does a community do with violent, shattering crimes? Can cool and rational legality tame vengeful passions? Is revenge ever reasonable? What kinds of crimes force us to reconsider our legal systems? These and other questions will be explored by writers, historians, classicists, philosophers, and other members of the Einstein Forum’s board of advisors.
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Friday, July 2