Philosophische Einführung zur Tagung
Ein ostdeutscher Blick auf den Historikerstreit
Blind Spots of Genocide: Problems in Dirk Moses's The Problems of Genocide
Discussion Omer Bartov and Dirk Moses
Postkolonialismus und Internationalismus
Rhetorical Excess and Discursive Defensiveness in German Debates
A German History of Namibia or a Namibian History of Germany?
Possessing History, Possessive Histories
»The past in all its messiness«. Historisches Wissen als Chance für die außerwissenschaftliche Öffentlichkeit

Oct 4, 2021
Potsdam Museum, Am Alten Markt 9, Potsdam

Historiker streiten

Conceived by Susan Neiman, Potsdam, and Michael Wildt, Berlin
with Omer Bartov, Providence; Birte Förster, Bielefeld; Mario Keßler, Potsdam; Per Leo, Berlin; Dirk Moses, Chapel Hill; Zoé Samudzi, San Francisco; Ingo Schulze, Berlin; Benjamin Zachariah, Braunschweig

For the past year, a debate has erupted in the German media: Was the Holocaust a singular event, and how is it different from other cases of mass murder? How are racism and antisemitism connected? Has the German nation made progress in reckoning with its Nazi past? And what connects the current discussions to the 1986-7 Historikerstreit, or has the latter been forgotten in the heat of debate? With these and other questions we will discuss the successes and failures of Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung in East and West Germany.