Like other institutions, the Einstein Forum has had to cancel its program for the entire summer and move all events into the fall season. Over the coming months we will keep the debates going by other means. We begin by offering a retrospective. Our website continues to feature a regularly updated selection of staff picks from our archive. This will be supplemented over the coming weeks with video interviews where former Einstein fellows talk about their current work and the impact of the months they spent in Caputh. Starting in June we will add new online discussions and short lectures. True to the motto of one our series, Solidarity in Danger, these will primarily highlight the work of freelance scholars.

After Caputh. Einstein Alumni Today

Every summer since 2007, the Einstein Forum has awarded a fellowship to a young thinker who wishes to pursue a project in a field different from their previous research. Offered jointly with the Daimler and Benz Foundation since 2010, the Einstein Fellowship has supported a series of outstanding personalities with different disciplinary backgrounds, and hailing from all five continents. The peace and quiet of Albert Einstein’s summer cottage in Caputh has enabled fellows to work on their projects free from any formal obligations.
Susan Neiman has now interviewed past fellows, asking them to look back at their time in Caputh and talk about their current work.

After Caputh. Einstein Alumni Today


Mischa Gabowitsch

After Caputh. Einstein Alumni Today

Einstein Fellowship
Due to the COVID-19 epidemic the current Einstein Fellow will not be able to take up residence in Caputh before next year. Therefore the following fellowship will be awarded for 2022 rather than 2021. All applications that have already been submitted will be considered in the next selection round. The new application deadline is May 15, 2021. Should you wish to withdraw your application, please let us know.

Amber Carpenter

After Caputh. Einstein Alumni Today

Online Lecture

Dr. Benjamin Zachariah

Global Fascism and International Cooperation among the Far Right


Entfällt: Heimat. Wo alles bleibt, wie es nie war

Die Veranstaltung findet voraussichtlich von 3.-5. Dezember 2020 statt.