Apr 25, 2019

J Henry Fair

Hidden Costs

Exhibition until July 6, 2019

This series of images is called Industrial Scars. It exploits the irony of making beautiful images from toxic waste to communicate a message about the damage wreaked on the environment from our consumer economy. The images are supplemented by extensive research and documentation and which allows a visitor to delve further into the connection between the abstract-expressionist image she sees, and the facts that link it to everyday life. The objective of this series is to promote dialog, and prompt viewers to consider the questions about our economy and the future of the natural systems on the planet.

J Henry Fair uses pictures to tell stories about people and things that affect people. He is based in New York City and Berlin, but travels constantly. His recent book, Industrial Scars: The Hidden Costs of Consumption, published by Papadakis of London, sold out the first printing. His new book, the first of the Coastline series, On The Edge: From Combahee To Winyah, will be published in spring 2019.

For more information, see www.jhenryfair.com